Think organic & eco-friendly are always more expensive? You’re wrong!

By Marcie Barnes

Recently I was leisurely perusing the aisles of my local Whole Foods store, and I kept thinking “you know, that price doesn’t seem so bad.” I have a really terrible memory for numbers, so I decided to snap some shots of a few common items for later comparison at a “regular” grocery store.

Then, I drove on over to Food Lion (I actually chose them on purpose because they are known for low prices, thus making it a real tough challenge for Whole Foods, or so I thought…)

(Notes: All of these can be considered in the ‘prepackaged’ or ‘convenience’ category, I’ll try to spend more time in the produce, seafood/meat & bulk areas next time. I compared the same size/weight products each time or made a note if I could not find an exact match).

I think you’ll be as surprised as I was at my findings:

1. Frozen Green Beans Photobucket

Same price! $1.79 for organic, $1.79 for Food Lion brand (not organic)!

2. Cereal Photobucket

Organic is cheaper! $2.99 for organic, $3.97 for Cheerios (not organic)! (I couldn’t find any Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, but I figured Banana Nut was close enough.)

3. Mac-n-cheese Photobucket

Same price! 5/$5.00 for organic, 5/$5.00 for Kraft brand (not organic)! Although this is a sale price at Whole Foods, you can stock up on this item when it is on sale. In addition, they have a good variety of different kinds of mac-n-cheese, so chances are at least one kind will be on sale at any given time.

4. Tortilla shells Photobucket

Organic is cheaper! $1.69 for organic, $1.99 for San Antonio brand (not organic)! And the organic ones were in the freezer section, you know, since they don’t have preservatives.

5. Vegetable juice Photobucket

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